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Alexis Averbuck is a painter and writer. She earned her degree at Harvard University, and has travelled and lived all over the world, from Sri Lanka to Zanzibar. Alexis crossed the Pacific by sailboat, lived in Antarctica for a year, and paints, photographs, and publishes books on her journeys for Lonely Planet travel guides, the BBC, magazines and online platforms. She’s had solo exhibitions of her oil paintings and watercolors, and also holds creativity workshops and promotes travel, art and adventure in video and on television.

Through her travels, Alexis fell in love with Greece and made the island of Hydra her home; she now also lives in California.


Painting BackgrounD

Averbuck became an artist after a life-changing year spent at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Inspired by the magnificent natural environment and the unique solitude, she turned to the visual arts for expression. After 'the Ice,' she apprenticed with artists in India, Amsterdam, New York and New Orleans and on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. She worked with watercolor, glass blowing and casting, printmaking and acrylics. Averbuck found that painting with mixed media and acrylic combined the immediacy of watercolor with the textures of glass and intaglio print. Her first exhibition was in 2002.

In 2005, Averbuck sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Costa Rica to the Marquesas Islands; this catalyzed her work on color-infused skyscapes, which are the basis for her Pacific series

Averbuck settled on Hydra Island, Greece in 2007. Always inspired by landscape, she found that painting with oils and mixed media captures the luster of the island's colors and moods. Since then she has had two solo exhibitions of the work created on the island and multiple group exhibitions.